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Festival & Carnival Toss Games

Do you have what it takes to make the shot in 1 toss?  Test your skill level with these unique toss carnival games.  It's all about aim and accuracy to make the shot!  So whether you are hosting a carnival, fun fair, school fund raiser, picnic or birthday party, these games will really put your guests to the test.


Also known as Corn Hole, this game is for everyone! If you can toss a beanbag,...

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Battle the Blaze
Battle The Blaze

Kids toss bean bags to knock over the flames on the burning building.  Kids love...

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Bean Bag Toss

Score points when tossing the bean bags into high scoring holes.

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Bottle Ring Toss

Several bottles are set up. The player tosses rings around the bottles to win.

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Bozo Buckets

Bozo’s Buckets are a classic Celebration Authority carnival game. Children toss balls into a row...

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Cactus Cowboy

Strap on your cowboy boots, and tip your hat as you test your Lassoing skills...

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Captain Hook Ring Toss

Shiver me timbers, there be the crookedest crook to sail the seas... Captain Hook! Step right up...

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Coca-Cola Ring Toss

Add a bit of vintage style to your carnival or festival with this classic coke...

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Colors Game

Try your luck with this fun filled colorful game! Before the event, choose which colors will...

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Cow Toss

A free standing frame game that players throw flower shaped bean bags through the holes,...

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Crazy Dots

Test your skills and take aim.  Only certain colored dots are marked to win!  Throw...

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Crazy Hat

Toss the ball into the crazy striped hat to become a winner when playing this...

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