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Tradeshow Activations

Do you have a tradeshow coming up?  Are you looking to attract visitors to your booth?  Are you hoping to make a huge impact and be remembered? It’s time to think outside of the booth! Boring tradeshow booths won’t get you the results you are looking for and it certainly won’t increase sales.  Bring your area to life with interactive and exciting activations!  Transform your space into the one that everyone is excited to come to.

Think back to the last trade show or convention you attended. Remember the massive amount of people? The crowded hallways? The hundreds of companies with booths that all looked almost exactly the same? Now, be honest: how many companies do you actually remember from that event? After a while, all the exhibitors just start to blend together, don’t they?

The terrifying prospect of being “forgettable” is becoming a sad reality for more companies in the trade show and event marketing space. Without changing your strategy, you could be spending money every year on an activation that is not earning the highest possible return on your marketing investment.

If your company is considering purchasing booth space at a trade show, we highly recommend creating a custom trade show activation that sets your company apart from the rest and creates an experience that attendees will remember long after they leave the show.

Celebration Authority has a wide variety of fantastic activation ideas for you to choose from.  All of our concepts are strategically designed to draw in potential customers and get them to stick around for a while so that you have a better opportunity to speak with them and increase your sales. So take a look through some of our options and let us know how we can make your next expo, your best expo!

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