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When you are looking for that perfect piece of equipment or entertainment, but you're not exactly sure what that is yet... Here's a page that simply lists everything we offer for you to scroll through and find inspiration!

5-Sided Castle
Moonwalk Jumper

Feel like a King, queen, prince, or princess as you bounce and laugh in this...

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6ft banquet table

6ft banquet tables are perfect for serving tables, or for people to sit at when...

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Seven Eleven

Rent this Classic Carnival-Style Skill Game! A player throws 2 balls into a box with...

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7-Element Olympic Challenge

This is Chicago’s favorite inflatable obstacle course. For your next party Celebration Authority will present...

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8ft Banquet Tables

Seat 8-10 guests at each of our 8 foot rectangular banquet tables. We also have...

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Patio Umbrella
9’ Patio umbrella with stand

This 9’ patio umbrella has an easy-to use crank system makes it simple to raise...

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11-Foot Water Slide

Whenever you need a slide uniquely suited for smaller areas or smaller riders, Celebration Authority’s...

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13-Foot Water Slide

Great As A Dry Slide Or Water Slide! Whenever you need a slide uniquely suited...

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158242 Slide
15' Slide

Race down this brightly colored 15' slide that will provide hours of non-stop fun for...

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15-Foot Water Slide

Our brightly colored 15 foot water slide will have guests of all sizes slipping and...

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18-Foot Giant Slide

Our 18-foot Giant slide's bright colors, unique size and great traffic flow make this a...

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Deluxe Dual-Lane
Giant Slide

Celebration Authority loves to add a twist to typical entertainment rentals, like our Dual Lane...

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Our office is located in the Northern Chicagoland area.  We proudly provide equipment and entertainment nationwide.

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