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Festival & Carnival Toss Games

Do you have what it takes to make the shot in 1 toss?  Test your skill level with these unique toss carnival games.  It's all about aim and accuracy to make the shot!  So whether you are hosting a carnival, fun fair, school fund raiser, picnic or birthday party, these games will really put your guests to the test.

Ping Toss

Toss ping pong balls into the containers.

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Pirate Ghost

This ghastly pirate ghost guards the doubloons your guests toss into his treasure chest.

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The character on the front of this game has a temporary case of pimples. Your...

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Raptor's Nest

Players attempt to toss the Raptor’s “eggs” back into the nest before she returns to...

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Ring Toss

Player tosses small rings over colored rods.

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Shoe That Horse

On the colorful backdrop players see a painted horse and two protruding posts. Players pitch...

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Tel-An-Alien Bean Bag Toss

Our 5’ tall wooden yellow alien has a cute little hole in his tummy where...

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Tic Tac Toe

Player tosses 3 balls into a game play area. Three in a row – horizontally,...

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Tiki Toss

With graphics showing island themes of tiki gods, this is a colorful game that stands...

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Toilet Toss

Player tries to throw balls into a toilet.

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Toss Across

Try to toss three balls or bean bags in the holes to get three across.

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Winnie Hoop Toss

Toss a ring around Winnie's Arm and win!  This 5 foot tall cutout makes for ...

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