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Virtual Mosaic

Our mosaic photo screen has always been popular at events.  Take photos of yourself and submit them to be a part of a beautiful mosaic image that shows it takes everyone to complete the final image.  We have the ability to show the process digitally, or create a physical photo by placing stickers on a grid board.

Well, we have now taken that experience virtual.  Guests will receive a link to upload photos, as well as a link where they can watch the mosaic pieced together to create the final image.  Once the mosaic is complete, you will receive a high resolution digital image that you are free to use however you’d like.

Looking for more than just seeing the digital version?  We can help with that.

Here are a couple of options:

OPTION 1: You can have our staff physically place the stickers of each of your photos onto a grid board either live on a video chat while you and your participants watch, or behind the scenes where you don’t watch the physical board being made. Either way, you will still have a link to the digital mosaic, and we will send you the final completed board.

Option 2: For a more hands on experience, we can send you all of the individual stickers and blank grid board for you to put together yourself.  Each sticker is numbered so that you know exactly where to place them on the grid board.

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