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Have A Ball! Game Show

Put your teams together and get ready for the ultimate competition. Have A Ball combines the best parts of all your favorite game show themes! General Trivia, Name that tune, don’t forget the lyrics, team relays, in it to win it physical challenges, and more! The game’s nonstop action will keep your contestants on their toes and teams working together to come out on top as the champion.

At the start of this high-energy show, our enthusiastic host will welcome everyone and explain how the game will work. He then calls up 1 member from 3 different teams to do a “quick draw”. Our host will ask the 3 contestants a question, The 1st person to buzz in and correctly answer gets to start the round by spinning the wheel of categories. Whatever it lands on will be the category used for the entire next round. The round will consist of questions and physical challenges that teams will compete in.

Our host will take the teams through several rounds with different categories, questions, physical challenges, and more. At the end of the allotted time, the team with the most points wins!


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Dimensions: 30' x 30'

Requirements: 1 20 amp circuit

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