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Call Today! 847-566-3006

Clowning Around & Celebration Authority
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Create Your Own Aromatherapy Tubes


Revitalize & Relieve Stress with Our DIY Roll-On Aromatherapy Tubes

Includes All Supplies Needed:

  • Roll Tubes
  • Oils
  • Scents

Available Scents and Their Benefits:

Rosemary: Clarifying & Invigorating
Eucalyptus: Purifying & Invigorating
Sweet Orange: Cheering, Refreshing & Uplifting
Peppermint: Vitalizing, Refreshing & Cooling
Lavender: Balancing, Soothing, Normalizing, Calming, Relaxing & Healing
Tea Tree: Cleansing, Purifying & Uplifting
Lemongrass: Relieves Muscle Pains & Body Aches

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We proudly serve Chicago, IL & Milwaukee, WI as well as their surrounding areas.

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