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Aerial 360 booth

Introducing our revolutionary 360-degree overhead Video photo booth, redefining the way we capture memories and celebrate special moments! Unlike traditional 360 booths, our state-of-the-art setup literally goes above and beyond, allowing for an even larger number of guests to participate simultaneously. With its cutting-edge design, our booth creates a captivating panoramic experience that captures every angle, ensuring that no one is left out of the frame. With our overhead hanging technology we eliminate the common issue of shaky footage caused by guests dancing or moving on the traditional platform most 360 booths use. Our camera remains perfectly steady, guaranteeing crisp and clear images that truly capture the energy and joy of the occasion. Say goodbye to limited capacity and blurry shots, and welcome a new era of immersive, high-quality event photography with our game-changing 360-degree overhead photo booth!

Dimensions: 15ft wide x 10ft high

Requirements: 1 20amp circuit

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