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Clowning Around & Celebration Authority

Chicago Sports Equipment Rentals

When you need sporting equipment for your event, Clowning Around & Celebration Authority has everything from volleyball equipment to human bowling, and more!  Also be sure to check out our sports equipment rental packages when you need a variety of fun activities for your event!

Swivel Scooters

Swivel Scooter rentals are a great activity for team building events, corporate networking, ice breaker...

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Volleyball Equipment

We'll provide you with a net and ball to take on your guests in the...

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Wacky Trikes

Players on large kiddy trikes with wide tires, pedal wildly as they race to the...

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Water Balloon Battle

This is a power packed water balloon launching game with two shielded launching stations, a...

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We proudly serve Chicago, IL & Milwaukee, WI as well as their surrounding areas.

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