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Knock Them Down

Step right up and knock Them down!  Test your guests aim with these fun, attractive knock down carnival games!  These games are fantastic additions to any festival, carnival, fun fair or any special event!

Break A Plate

Our handsome Break-A-Plate Rack is a traditional carnival game enjoyed by guests of every age....

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Can Smash

Step right up, test your aim, wind up, and throw!  Do you have what it...

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Down A Clown

Down A Clown is a fun and exciting knock down game with bright attractive colors...

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fat-cat-chicago carnival rental
Fat Cat Knock Down Game

Based on the classic "Down a Clown" carnival game you see on the midway, players...

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Fire Ladder Rescue

Rent the Fire Ladder Rescue Carnival Game and see if you have the skills to...

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Fowl Play

Toss bean bags at the barn to knock down those crazy chickens!

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Magic Ball Float

The Magic Ball Float is an exciting carnival game and can be used in carnival...

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Match Me

Player throws beanbags at the game board, attempting to knock down two matching pieces on...

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Milk Bottle Knock Down

Wooden milk bottles are stacked tall for challengers to knock them down with the toss...

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Monster Mayhem

Players attempt to knock over the monsters in this scary knock down carnival game.

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Soda Smash

Player throws beanbags at a tower of soda cans to knock them down.

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Strike Bowling

Player rolls a ball down the lane, trying to strike pins.

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