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Giant Games

Games are fun.  Giant games are super fun! Your guests eyes will widen and excitement will grow as they enter your event and see some of their favorite classic games blown up and enlarged up to 10 times their normal size!

Giant Kan Jam

Simple and fun, for anyone!! Test your teamwork by pairing up with a partner to...

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Giant Light Bright

This giant light up board is fun for all ages!  Take the oversized colored pegs...

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giant operation2
Super Surgery Giant

Based on the old favorite, but now life-sized surgery game!. Carry out the operation on...

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Giant Plinko

Giant Plinko is a 5 foot tall game of chance.  choose a spot at the...

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Giant Pong

Giant "Cups" will be set up in a triangle format, two sets across from each...

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Giant Twister

Can you imagine a 15’ x 15’ twister game? Our Twister is an incredible 15’...

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Hay Bowling 2
Hay Bowling

Classic fun with a twist! This bowling lane is created using faux hay bales. Includes:...

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Human Foosball

Human Foosball is a large inflatable version of the table game. It can be played...

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Inflatable Soccer Darts

A whole new type of fun with an inflatable Velcro dart game.  Exactly the same...

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Pie Face Board
Pie Face Boards

Pie face throwing is a classic game for carnivals and festivals. How well is your...

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Under The Knife 03
Under The Knife

This over-sized board game is colorful, fun, and an instant classic. Players use the huge...

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Wacky Trikes

Players on large kiddy trikes with wide tires, pedal wildly as they race to the...

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