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Dunk Tanks & More Water Fun


Dunk Tanks are a fantastic piece of entertaining equipment.  They are great for fundraising, or just getting a fellow employee, neighbor, or family member soaking wet!  Loads of fun at picnics, block parties, birthday celebrations, carnivals, festivals and more.  Take your aim and try to dunk the lucky volunteer!  We have a few different options for dunk tank type fun so take a look!

Bucket Brigade

Balloon Burst Bucket Brigade is a great water game for all ages! A water balloon...

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Dunk Tank

Entertains One Very Wet Person & Dozens Of Pitchers Hourly Watch out for giant splashes...

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Pitch N' Burst

This is a unique twist in water fun for hot summer days. Players toss balls...

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Water Balloon Battle

This is a power packed water balloon launching game with two shielded launching stations, a...

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Whether the splash comes from above or below, your guests are sure to have a blast with any of our wet and wild dunk tank options.

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