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Combo Inflatables

Clowning Around & Celebration Authority offers some of the greatest combo inflatable units in Chicago.  With room to jump, obstacles to enhance the fun, and a slide to escape, every one of our inflatable combo units will give your guests plenty to do.

Atlantis Club Combo Inflatable

Kids will enjoy hours of entertainment in this Moonwalk/Slide Fun House! Children move easily from...

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Bouncy Basketball
Or Volleyball

Bouncy Basketball and Bouncy Volleyball adds a special spin to your ordinary pick up game....

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Combo Four-in-One Castle
Combo Four-In-One Castle

Entertain youngsters with 4 consecutive activities that include:  a group of flexible inflated obstacles, a...

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Combo 4-In-1
Character Castle

This 4 in-1 Character Castle inflatable offers an exciting twist to the ordinary bounce house...

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Combo 4-In-1 Sports Zone

This exciting sports inflatable offers a row of assorted cushioned obstacles, a moon bounce section,...

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Combo 4-In-1
Wizard Castle

Guests will be mesmerized by our friendly bounce house wizard while enjoying the interior mini...

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Enchanted Forest Club

Kids will enjoy hours of entertainment in this moonwalk/slide fun house. Children move easily through...

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Jurassic Adventure

Jurassic Adventure is a thrilling and enchanting amusement complete with palm trees, prehistoric pathways and...

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Kids' Fun House

Children of all ages love our Kid’s Fun House. They can utilize the climbing hill,...

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Pirate Ship Combo

Complete with pirate flags, cannons, and of course a parrot in the crow's nest. This...

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Pirate Slide
Moonwalk Combo

Kids will enjoy hours of entertainment in this Moonwalk/Slide Combo. Children move easily from the...

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Rocket Slide Moonwalk

Kids will enjoy hours of entertainment in this Moonwalk/Slide combo!  Children move easily from the...

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Above is a small list of Inflatable Combo Units that Celebration Authority carries. Contact Celebration Authority today for help on selecting the best Inflatable Combo unit for your birthday parties, corporate events, picnics, family reunions, or carnival. Our inflatables are the cleanest in the business. We take our time to clean and sanitize each inflatable between rentals.

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We proudly serve Chicago, IL & Milwaukee, WI as well as their surrounding areas.

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