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Our Murder Mystery shows are the most innovative and entertaining way to host your company event. We create Clue-style mysteries that make for ideal team building exercises for any work-related activity. Our professionally trained actors have performed for hundreds of companies across the nation, providing expert mystery entertainment that is engaging and immersive for each guest.

Who Committed the Murder?

Let Detective “Milton Flem” lead you and your guests to the murderer. Everyone is a suspect as our detective shows up, assigns parts, and everyone in the crowd role plays until the murderer is discovered. This particular one is great for the cocktail hour, birthday party, or after dinner. We supply the detective and all of the materials. This Murder Mystery takes about one hour to solve and is run be Detective Flem.

World War II Nightclub

Tuxedoes and evening gowns are the costumes of choice for this evening. Our company would provide soldiers, nightclub singers and comedians, cigarette and hat-check girls, the bouncer, the M.C., etc. The evening would revolve around staged entertainment while our company would walk through the audience dropping subtle clues as to who they don’t like and why they might want to get rid of them. Depending on your budget, a “Big Band” could be hired to provide great music throughout the evening.

Roaring Twenties Speakeasy

This mystery can include flappers, a piano player and singer. Vaudeville type performers and of course gangsters and dolls. Guests would be invited to wear “period” clothing and would have to use the “password” for admittance to the event, which would be cleverly built into your invitations. Several acts would go on throughout the night as well as our company of characters mingling about with the crowd. At some point in the evening, somebody will “buy it” and we could even include a raid by the police to add to the festivities. The guests would then be asked to figure out who killed our victim and why!

The Reunion

The audience as well as our performers have all been invited back to celebrate their (10,20,30) year reunion all together in whatever quaint little setting we come up with. Our company plays the main characters in the reunion and helps organize the invited guests as they arrive. Certain people in the crowd, depending on the size, can also be given roles to play. Eventually, a story line will surface where something happened years ago back in school between several of our guests, setting the stage for murder and leaving several people as possible suspects.

Wild Wild West

Country western dancing and guns blazing are a part of this night. It’s just possible after many years that Black Bart and the sheriff will once and for all finish their business… and somebody just might wind up dead.

Hollywood Nights

Our very own awards/roast ceremony. Did you ever stop to wonder just how upset one of the “losers” really is when he’s that close to an Academy Award? Upset enough to murder? You bet!

Future World

A mystery in outer space complete with aliens from another planet, the mad scientist and of course, our version of “Spock”.


50’s Sock Hop

Dance contests, poodle skirts, Elvis impersonators and many more treats would highlight this theme.


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Our office is located in the Northern Chicagoland area.  We proudly provide equipment and entertainment nationwide.

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