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Creative Construction emphasizes the importance of creativity, planning, and teamwork in the workplace.  We start by dividing everyone up into teams, separating any cliques so that new relationships may be formed.  The teams then proceed to compete against each other in a series of building/construction exercises.  Points are awarded for each activity and the team with the most points at the end is declared the winners!

Scrap Tower

Using only a newspaper and a roll of masking tape, teams have to work together to build the tallest free standing tower.


Model Replication

Teams are given a specific amount of items to build a model.  A completed version is put together and hidden from view.  1 team member at a time may go and look at the completed model.  They then have to explain what they saw as the others try to piece it together.  The 1st team to correctly build the model wins!


Sky High Challenge

Using only uncooked spaghetti noodles and marshmallows, teams have to work together to build a tower that can hold an object of significant weight for a minimum of 10 seconds.


Make it go!

Teams will work together to create either a mousetrap race car, a kite, a plane, or whatever the facilitator decides will work best in the space.  Each team will only have a limited amount of supplies to make it work.



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Our office is located in the Northern Chicagoland area.  We proudly provide equipment and entertainment nationwide.

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