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Ok, it doesn’t have to be brunch, this event can take place any time of the day!  Pick a sport, maybe 2 or 3 if space will allow.  Split your company up into teams and our staff will facility the tournament.

Football, Softball, Basketball, Kickball, Volleyball…. These are just a few of the options we have for you to choose from.

We’ll provide all of the equipment as well as the staff to facilitate and ref each round.  Teams will compete in a bracket style tournament to find the overall champion.  Split them up by department, or mix it up.

Bracket Brunch is a highly engaging and entertaining event that is designed to enhance teamwork and communication, build relationships, improve problem solving skills, and develop strategic planning capabilities.



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Our office is located in the Northern Chicagoland area.  We proudly provide equipment and entertainment nationwide.

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