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Clowning Around & Celebration Authority

Are you the planner of the monthly or periodic company or department meeting? They can be deadly dull if you’re not careful. You know the drill. A bunch of talking heads line up to give people company information. Yes, it’s a daunting task, but we are here to help you spice it up and make the time more memorable and most of all… Fun!

Employees need the information given at these meetings to align themselves with the company’s strategic direction. They want to know what is happening across the company especially when the information touches their job or the company’s overall success. They are sincerely interested in what is going on in the various departments.

So, your employees are interested, but sometimes these meetings get long, and everyone can use a break from the talking heads and unending powerpoints. The most effective meetings take time for a bit of fun and excitement to break up the day and make the time more enjoyable.

You also may be in search for some fun ice breakers to start off your day. Celebration Authority has the experience, equipment, and personalities to help bring your meeting from the dreaded boring on-going day of presentations to a fun, exciting day that people are actually looking forward to, and most importantly, excited to be a part of.

So give us a call and talk to one of our professional event coordinators to see how we can help make your next meeting, your best meeting!

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Our office is located in the Northern Chicagoland area.  We proudly provide equipment and entertainment nationwide.

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