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Holiday Events


An annual company holiday party is a popular event among large and small organizations. According to one study, about 90% of companies throw a holiday party for their employees. It’s yet another way many companies show their appreciation for their hard work and dedication.

A good holiday party, from the employees’ perspectives, does one thing: it makes them feel appreciated. The annual holiday party is one way to let your entire team know they are integral to the success of your business.

Companies of all shapes and sizes tend to go all out to throw an impressive, festive holiday extravaganza.  Larger companies such as google or godaddy have even rented out entire stadiums to accommodate all of the people they have working for them…  But you don’t have to go into debt to throw a great holiday party for your employees. A memorable company holiday party contains four important characteristics – atmosphere, decor, entertainment and refreshments – without trying to cut corners. No matter how large or how small your holiday party is, if it contains those four characteristics and is carried out with a true spirit of giving, it is bound to be a great time that your employees will appreciate.

Celebration Authority can help you create the perfect atmosphere, with just the right entertainment, and even some fun decor.  Set the mood with entertainers such as fun holiday characters, DJs or karaoke, variety performers, and more.  Add a memorable keepsake such as a fun photo station, custom keepsake, or craft area.  If you have the space, throw in some inflatable attractions if you are including your employees families and kids.  Let us help you create the perfect holiday event that will have your employees feeling like they truly are the stars of your organization.

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