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Let The March Madness Begin!

We last talked about picking a great theme for your event.  Well, in March there is nothing better than the ever popular March Madness!  Except maybe St. Patrick’s Day, but we’ll get to that later.


Fill your space with amazing basketball themed entertainment and your guests will “Have a Ball” at your March event.  From our simple pop-a-shots to our crazy criss-cross bungee basketball, Clowning Around has an amazing inventory of basketball inspired fun.


Don’t stop at just what we can provide you though, take it to the extreme!  Here’s a few quick ideas to set your March Madness event on the right track:




  • Dress your attendants or volunteers up as referees
  • Serve sweets decorated to look like basketballs
  • Have your guests wear their favorite jersey or cheer uniform
  • Host your event in an actual gym, or decorate your space to look like a gym


So be creative and have fun planning.  If you need more help, you can always call one of our amazing event coordinators to “bounce” some ideas off of!





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