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What is Block Booking?


You asked for it, so we delivered!

Block booking is a special discounted program we have available right now where you and two of your neighbors can split the bill on your rental items.


OPTION 1: Three houses rent one item (for example: a bounce house)
On day one, we will set the items up at your house, disinfect them and leave them there for the day for your family to enjoy, come back at night to disinfect again and pack it up, then we will bring the item to your neighbor’s house on day two and do it all again. Same for the third neighbor on day three.

Each house gets the rented item for one day, and our staff will take care of setting it up, cleaning it, tearing it down, and moving it to the next house.


OPTION 2: Three houses, Three items! (for example: a bounce house, a water slide, and an obstacle course)
For this option, each house will receive one rental item. Our staff will rotate the items from house to house over the course of the three days so that everyone gets a chance to enjoy all three pieces.


You save money by splitting the total cost of the discounted rental with your neighbors, everyone gets to enjoy clean, sanitized fun in their own yard for a day, and you don’t have to lift a finger!  We do all of the maintenance work of cleaning and moving the items.


For more information, please contact one of our special event coordinators at 847-566-3006

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Our office is located in the Northern Chicagoland area.  We proudly provide equipment and entertainment nationwide.

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