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Casino Games, Tables, and Party Equipment Rentals


Chicago’s Best Casino Games, Tables, and Party Equipment Rentals, serving the entire Chicagoland region and greater state of Illinois!

Celebration Authority offers many games of leisure for you to enjoy at your next Backyard Barbecue, Company Picnic, Birthday Party, Neighborhood Block Party, Tailgate Party, Family Reunion, or other special events.

Looking to create an exciting fundraiser theme for your community group or organization? Hosting a special poker night or you are looking to create a unique event for your work group? Look no more, Celebration Authority has it all—party supplies like decorations, tables and chairs, food, games, favors and more.

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Celebration Authority brings Vegas to you! Your Casino party or event will have the look and feel of the real thing with the best equipment and accessories available anywhere. Whatever the scope of your casino party needs, Celebration Authority can supply it.

Whether you’re hosting a small Poker Party for your friends or a huge corporate event, Celebration Authority is there to help you every step of the way. Celebration Authority has Craps and Black Jack Tables, Roulette Wheels, Derby Day At The Racetrack and more.

Our experienced party planners have a variety of casino event packages available that can be custom tailored to meet your specific needs and budget. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and let us bring Vegas to you!

  • Craps Table

    Celebration Authority’s casino style craps game rentals are perfect for any event. Our professional Vegas style craps tables can be perfectly paired with our other professional gaming tables such as roulette, poker and Texas Hold Em tables. Craps tables can be used for fundraising events, black tie events, cocktail hours, community galas or any other event. Tables can be placed indoors or out. Tables may only be used in the manner currently allowed by the state as well as the county, site and municipality in which they will be used by the renter. Renters are responsible for acquiring and obeying all current state, county, site and municipality laws regarding the use of these tables.

  • Derby Day At The Racetrack

    Derby Day Races are a great way to bring casino gaming action right to your event! Participants bet on races with play money and win prizes for picking the winners. Derby Day Race game includes all necessary betting slips, race programs and monitors to watch races. Excellent entertainment for bachelor and bachelorette parties, corporate events, cocktail events, birthday parties and all other special celebrations.

  • Black Jack Tables

    Casino style black jack tables will enhance any special event providing hours of entertainment for corporate and casual guests alike. Our felt topped tables have spots for six players to pull up a chair. Our tables are for novelty entertainment and décor only. These tables may only be used in the manner currently allowed by the state as well as the county, site and municipality in which they will be used by the renter. Renters are responsible for acquiring and obeying all current state, county, site and municipality laws regarding the use of any casino tables.

  • Roulette Table

    Renting casino style roulette tables brings Vegas to your special event. Authentic roulette tables can be set up indoors or out and include a roulette pill and marking chips. Our tables are for novelty entertainment and décor only. These tables may only be used in the manner currently allowed by the state as well as the county, site and municipality in which they will be used by the renter. Renters are responsible for acquiring and obeying all current state, county, site and municipality laws regarding the use of any casino tables.

  • Casino Night Party — Catering Rentals!

    Casino Night Party — Casino Tabled, Decorations, and Catering Rentals! Casino Rentals at celebrationauthority.com

    Welcome to Celebration Authority’s razzle-dazzle of Las Vegas, with the spinning roulette wheel, professional dealers, pit boss and the “clink-clink” of the chips! Choose your favorite games like poker, blackjack, craps and roulette. Let Celebration Authority’s dealers in crisp tuxedo shirts deal your winning hand. Watch the ball spin and bounce from number to number on the roulette wheel. From Aces to Boxcars and everything in between, you’ll be yelling as the dices roll! Count on us to put it all together. We’ll bring the tables, chips, cards, dealers, VIP cards and good luck for you and your guests!

    Celebration Authority’s Casino Night Party is an interactive themed event, perfect for Fundraisers, Casino Themed Events, Las Vegas themed Parties, Company Events, Corporate Functions, and much more.


  • Giant 4 In A Row

    Do you remember playing Connect Four? It was a cross between tic-tac-toe and checkers. About 4' tal

  • Skee Roll

    Skee Roll Carnival Game Rentals — A Carnival Classic! Carnival Game Rentals at celebrationauthority.com

    Player rolls ball(s) down the lane ramp. At the end of the Skee Roll lane the ball takes off into the air and lands in one of the point scoring rings. Each ring has a different point value. Players have three chances to score 50, 100, or 150 points per roll.

    Celebration Authority’s Skee Roll Carnival Game is a pro quality carnival game, perfect for Carnivals, Fun Fairs, Bible School Events, Birthday Day and School Parties.

    It is similar to bowling except it is played on an inclined lane with fist-sized balls and the player aims to get the ball to fall into a hole rather than knock down pins. The object of the game is to collect as many points as possible by rolling balls up an incline and into the designated point value holes.

    The Skee Roll Balls Are Provided with rental!

    Carnival version of Skee Ball. We can provide the game and a six foot table to place it on. Fun game for both kids and adults.

    Dimensions: 24" wide x 72" deep x 19" high
    Electric Needs: None
    Age Group: All ages

  • Cue N'Golf

    Through the imagination of our design team, we bring you a marriage of a Mini Golf and Pool for entertainment or competition. Use the cue to aim the pool ball around traditional golf hazards, hills and traps to each hole. Players can test their skills at nine unique holes. Who can shoot a hole in one? Each hole is a separate, free standing table.

  • Foosball Table

    Foosball table rentals are available for indoor and outdoor use. Our classic style foosball tables are the same models you will find in arcades and provide hours of fun and entertainment for your company luncheon, picnic, birthday party, bar/bat mitzvah, pre-function event, cocktail hour, team building event or any other special occasion.

  • Mini Golf Nostalgia 9 Hole

    Renting a miniature golf course has never been so exciting! Celebration Authority offers a nostalgic 9 hole miniature golf course design featuring an old fashioned delivery cart, tractors, a wishing well and other antique obstacles. This amusement entertains large crowds as well as small gatherings and can be used as indoor or outdoor entertainment.

  • Bank Shot

    Player rolls ball down lane to bouncy bumper. The ball banks off the bumper and moves to the scoring area

  • Giant Checkers

    Love playing the checkers board game? Well, now now you can play one GIANT game of checkers on our 15' x 15' mat with 10" wide 3" high checkers. This set draws plenty of attention from both players and spectators. Great for all generations!

  • Giant Twister

    Giant Twister brings the classic game of Twister to your event on a grand scale! Players will love playing on this oversized Twister matt indoors or outdoors. This interactive game is perfect for high school lock ins, Girl Scout and Boy Scout events, college campus events, church events and more!

  • Alien Autopsy

    Lets Operate!! A new twist on your favorite board game. Steady hands are required for this surgery game. Players use the tongs to try to remove the various body parts from the alien without touching the sides and sounding the alarm.

  • Table Hockey

    An engrossing, traditional favorite for all ages, this is an action packed game that moves swiftly as players spin the handles to create the action.

  • Giant Operation

    Based on the old favorite, but now biggie-sized! Carry out the Giant Operation on our hilarious, big-sized "patient." One wrong move with the "tweezers" and the buzzer sounds.8' long x 4' wide. Battery operated.

  • Shuffle Board

    Player scoots puck down the lane. The area where the puck lands, determines a winning shot.

  • KA Plunk

    Player drops a special chip down a maze path. Player wins if the chip falls into the designated winning area.

  • Air Hockey Table

    Our air hockey tables bring the atmosphere of an arcade right to your special event. We can accommodate you in all event locations and venues. This highly interactive and classic favorite entertains large crowds and small groups alike. Ask about creating a special game rental package when planning your next client appreciation, corporate outing, school fun fair, college event, birthday party, company luncheon and more!

  • Giant Ker Plunk

    How many giant sticks can you take out before any of the large balls fall? At the end of the game, the person with the lowest number of balls is the winner. Adults and children alike enjoying playing.

  • Ping Pong Table

    Everyone loves a game of ping pong. Renting a ping pong table adds fun to a company party, picnic, birthday, special celebration or pre-function event. Our tables are legal ping pong size and come standard with plenty of paddles and extra ping pong balls.


  • Video Games

    Our classic style arcade game rentals provide hours of fun, we offer everything from video game machines, the crane game, pinball machines and more. Our inventory is constantly changing so call 847-566-3006 for the updated list.

  • Guitar Hero

    The Guitar Hero game will be a hit as your players use the guitar-shaped controllers to re-create the music of legendary rock favorites. Get in the spotlight, crank up the volume, prepare to jam, and have a rock experience that explodes at high velocity!

  • Electronic Darts

    Rent arcade style electronic dart machines to add an element of fun and excitement to your next event. Our classic bar style dart machines can be used indoors or outdoors for employee luncheons, company picnics, birthday celebrations, pre-function events and more!

  • Rock Band

    Jam out with Rockband, rock the stage with Guitar Hero and dance your heart out with Dance Dance Revolution. We have several of the latest and greatest Wii system and Playstation II games for rent. We bring all the gaming equipment and monitors to make your next event a raging good time! Call us at 847-566-3006 for all available games.

  • Pinball

    Renting an arcade style pinball machine adds nostalgia, fun and excitement to indoor and outdoor events. Celebration Authority offers several classic styles and themes to compliment your party.

  • Peanuts the Wild Elephant Tunnel

    Ideal for a safari themed event, animal themed event, jungle themed event or for any other event, Peanuts the Elephant Wind Tunnel offers fun and excitement for everyone! This eye appealing wind tunnel is filled with brightly colored animals on the walls and inflated animals for climbing. Peanuts trunk also acts as a mini slide adding to the thrill!

  • Wii Game

    Wii includes: Wii system, four controllers and Wii Sports Game. Tournaments can include: bowling, golf, baseball or tennis. Use your monitor or rent one of ours. Ask about additional game selections.

  • DJ Hero
    DJ Hero is a music video game based on turntables and features over 90 remixes of two different songs from a selection of over 100 different songs across numerous genres. To score points, the player must press buttons to activate accented beats, adjust their cross fade between the two songs, and "scratch" the turntable on the game's custom controllerin time to marks that scroll on the screen to score points. Use your own monitor or rent one of ours.
  • XBox Kinect Video Game

    Play controller free video games, using only your body motions to guide the sensor. Simulate the action you want and watch the sensor translate your physical instructions into fast moving screen action. Ask about current game selections.

  • Atari Game

    Oh no you didn't!!! Bringing back the oldie but the goodie classic Atari. BAM!! With popular games like Centepide, Breakout, Pong, Gravitar, Asteroids, Adventure and more. Guaranteed to bring out the child in all.

  • Crane Game

    Crane Machine Game Rentals — A Classic Arcade Game Rental! Arcade Game Rentals at celebrationauthority.com

    Celebration Authority’s Crane Machine Game is a classic arcade game with a chance of instant prizes. A participant uses manual controls to move the crane inside a large, clear walled box filled with prizes or stuffed animals. The participant centers the crane’s claw above a prize/animal, then attempts to grab and retrieve it to take home. This is a popular item that gathers a crowd of onlookers to cheer at any special event!

    Celebration Authority’s Crane Machine Game is a pro quality Arcade Game Rental, perfect for Fundraisers, Fun Fairs, Themed Events, Corporate Functions, Arcade Sports Party, and much more.

    Dimensions: D2‘xW3‘xH6‘
    Weight: 465 lbs.
    Age Group: It is recommended for all ages

  • Dance Dance Revolution

    Dance RevolutionRentalsAn Electronic Video Game Rental! Electronic Game Rentals at celebrationauthority.com

    Standing on reactive pads, players respond to the synchronized arrows on the screen to match the rhythm of the music. Freestyle or tech, players can show off their skills while stepping to the beat, following instructions and dancing up a storm with Dance, Dance Revolution.

    Celebration Authority’sDance Revolution is a pro quality Video Game Rental, perfect for Family Reunions, Birthday Parties, Mitzvahs, Indoor special events and much more!

    Age Group: It is recommended for all ages.


  • Golf Putt

    Player putts the the ball down the putting green and through an obstacle. First ball in the hole wins.

  • Big Foot Racers

    Our Big Foot Racers will entertain six energetic, laughing players at once as they coordinate and synchronize their moves to head toward the finish line. This is wonderful to use as a team building activity or just for fun indoors and out. Corporate event planners looking for an interactive group activity love the versatility of this piece.

  • Sport Equipment Rental Packages

    When planning a summer picnic or other special event our sport equipment rental packages are the perfect match. We offer three standard packages to fit your event needs. A: Volley Ball with Net, Softball with Bat and Bases, Horseshoes with posts, Soccer Ball & Football. Equipment Package B: Volley Ball with Net. Equipment Package C: Standard big tug of war rope.

  • Swivel Scooters

    Swivel Scooter rentals are a great activity for team building events, corporate networking, ice breaker events, birthday parties and more! When looking for a structured activity to keep guests enthused, swivel scooters are a great rental option. With feet placed on the foot rests, all action is controlled by the energetic handle movement of our red, yellow, green or blue scooters.

  • Electronic Golf Putt
    Choose 1-4 people to play 9 or 18 hole matches without ever leaving your location! 'True to life' course settings by offering 72 different green contours that range from subtle to radical breaks and hills. Computerized key pad allows you to costumize each round to your ability.
  • Street Canoe Racers

    Street Canoe Racers are an exciting amusement for planning team building activities, corporate events, picnics, family fun days and more! Canoes are on wheels and maneuvered by teams of rowers using large plungers to propel themselves through a specially designed course. The first team to reach the finish line wins! Street Canoes can be rented for indoor or outdoor hard surfaced use. Each colorful canoe, in this set of three, holds two people.

  • Human Foosball

    Human Foosball Inflatable Rentals — A Competitive Inflatable Rental! Inflatable Rentals at celebrationauthority.com

    Human Foosball is a large inflatable version of the table game. It can be played year round indoors or out and brings life to the old classic. Real life players replace little wooden or plastic men to kick their ball in to the opposing team’s goal while wearing waist harnesses to keep them in their proper positions. Human foosball rentals are great for large active groups of people of all ages.

    Celebration Authority’s Human Foosball is a pro quality Inflatable Game Rental, perfect for Picnics, Festivals, Outdoor events, Indoor Events, Family Reunions, Birthday Parties, Carnivals, Block Parties, Corporate Events, School Events and much more!

    Dimensions: L50’xW30’

    Age Group: It is recommended for all ages.

  • Limbo Game

    The limbo game is not just your average limbo stick. Celebration Authority offers a 6’ wide and 10’ tall display unit with a festive tropical theme to accommodate the limbo game. We also provide fun and exciting music - a must for every party that has limbo lovers! It is the perfect party game rental!

  • Human Bowling

    Enjoy a supersized game of bowling! Human Bowling takes the traditional game a step further by making the player the ball! Securely fitted inside a large hamster like ball, contestants hope to knock down as many inflatable pins as possible with the help of their teammates who roll them down an inflated ally. Great as a team building exercise or just for fun, this easy to set up game rental is hilarious and exciting.

  • Basketball Hoop

    Our professionally constructed basketball hoops bring the game to your special event. Use it for a carnival or just for fun. Rent two to create a full game or several for a full scale tournament! A hard surface suitable for basketball play is required.

  • Pool Tables

    Pool table rentals or billiard table rentals are a classic way to bring together guests at your next event, whether you are planning an office party, birthday party or other special celebration, the classic game of pool is always a good fit. Celebration Authority offers authentic slate pool tables for rent and are set for unlimited play so no coin operation is needed.


  • Bumper Cars/ Racing Cars

    This unique set of brightly colored, foam covered bumper/race cars is great for adults or kids to use on all surfaces. Operated with foot power, much like Fred Flintstone’s car, they add fun to any event when guests bounce their bumper cars into eachother or race along a straightaway to the finish line! They provide a heap of belly laughs! Requires a space of 30’x30’

  • Black Light Mini Golf Course Rentals

    Black Light Mini Golf Course Rentals — A Bright Black Light Mini Golf Course Rental! Mini Golf Course Rentals at celebrationauthority.com

    Celebration Authority loves to add a twist to typical entertainment rentals, like our glow in the dark 9-hole mini mobile golf course. If you have been waiting for a new version of the 9-hole mini golf course, then you should feature ours at your next event.  This unique indoor glow in the dark experience comes to life under black lights. With glow in the darks balls, putters, course and illuminating black light effects, this will be a cosmic time!

    Celebration Authority’s Black Light Mini Golf Course is a pro quality Mini Golf Course Rental, perfect for College Events, Fundraisers, Birthday Parties, Mitzvahs, Special Events, and any indoor occasion you are looking for.

    Dimensions: L45’xW30’
    Age Group: It is recommended for all ages!

  • Boom Blasters Game

    Boom Blaster SlideRentalsA Interactive Game Rental! Game Rentals at celebrationauthority.com

    Boom Blaster is an explosive and exciting group activity perfect for any outdoor summer event. When planning a event, Boom Blaster is sure to detonate fun! Four competitors pump their balloons full of air to maximum capacity and watch the balloons burst. The first person to burst their balloon wins. This game is a real blast for adults and kids, indoors or out, all year round.

    Celebration Authority’s Boom Blaster is a pro quality Game Rental, perfect for Summer picnics, Festivals, Outdoor events, Family Reunions, Birthday Parties, Carnivals, Summer Parties, Block Parties, carnival midways, fun fairs and more!

    Dimensions: L10’xH12’ 

    Age Group: It is recommended for all ages.

    Includes: 4 blasting pumps, 4 detonators, and balloons.

  • Wacky Trikes

    Wacky Trikes RentalsA Wacky Bike Rental! Game Rentals at celebrationauthority.com

    Players on large kiddy trikes with wide tires, pedal wildly as they race to the finish line along the course we set up for your event. These shiny red and blue trikes provide laughter for adults and kids alike.

    Celebration Authority’s Wacky Trikes is a pro quality Interactive Bike Game Rental, perfect for Picnics, Festivals, Outdoor events, Indoor Events, Family Reunions, Birthday Parties, Carnivals, Block Parties, Corporate Events, School Events and much more!

    Age Group: It is recommended for all ages.

  • Bouncy Basketball or Volleyball

    Bouncy Basketball and Bouncy Volleyball adds a special spin to your ordinary pick up game. This inflatable activity is perfect for indoor or outdoor special events. While trying to make a basket or score points against opponents the added element of bounce creates a fun and exciting challenge. Bouncy Basketball and Bouncy Volleyball combines the fun of a bounce house with classic basketball or volleyball to create an exciting new activity for all ages and skill levels.

  • Basketball Bounce

    Our 3' tall basket is secured on a stable, heavy metal base. Players will have to find the correct angle to bounce the ball off the ground so that it goes into the basket. Players compete to see who makes the most baskets, with a given number of shots from the same distance..

  • Water Balloon Battle

    Water Balloon Battle RentalsWet Game Rental! Water Game Rentals at celebrationauthority.com

    This is a power packed water balloon launching game with two shielded launching stations, a filling station, slingshots, balloons, safety pads, balloon carrying buckets and more! Players will use our special filling station to fill balloons near your standard threaded spigot or you can order prefilled balloons for a nominal fee. Requires a space of 20' x 20'

    Celebration Authority’s Water Balloon Battle is a pro quality Competitive Game Rental, perfect for Picnics, Festivals, Outdoor events, Family Reunions, Birthday Parties, Carnivals, Block Parties, Corporate Events, School Events and much more!

     Age Group: It is recommended for all ages.

  • Anywhere Mini Golf 9-Hole

    Anywhere Mini Golf RentalsA Mini Giant Inflatable Slide Rental! Inflatable Slide Rentals at celebrationauthority.com

    This 9 hole friendly mini-golf course for all ages and abilities offers challenges for guests. The course incorporates a Chinese Bridge, a lighthouse, a windmill, a backwards turnpike, a tire loop and more. Challenges like sand traps, bridges and loops keep your guests entertained. The course also includes handsome park benches, score cards and bright colors that compliment this exceptional game for your next event. Anywhere Mini Golf can go literally anywhere; indoors or outside, location won’t stop your guests from having a good time.

    Celebration Authority’sAnywhere Mini Golf is a pro quality Inflatable Slide Rental, perfect for summer picnics, Festivals, Outdoor events, Family Reunions, Birthday Parties, Carnivals, Summer Parties, Block Parties and much more!

    Dimensions: L45’xW30’

    Age Group: It is recommended for all ages.

  • Stuck On You

    An exciting alternative to wrestling, Stuck on You wrestling suites add a challenge. Participants are stuck together at the middle of the wrestling mat. The object is for them to pull themselves apart from one another without leaving the matt. It is a hilarious activity to watch and is extremely popular when planning high school and college events as well as birthday parties, graduation parties and school fun fairs.

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