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Clowning Around & Celebration Authority

Balance Challenges

How well can you keep your balance while being tossed around on a mechanical bull or surfboard?  Challenge your friends to an epic joust battle, or a race up the ladder climb challenge!  Our epic balance challenge inflatables are great fun for the whole family!

Armchair Quarterback

It's time to get off the couch and into the armchair for some real action!...

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Double Ladder
Climbing Challenge

The Double Ladder Climb, also known as Jacob's Ladder, is a crowd favorite when it...

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Eliminator Challenge

This is a great new inflatable attraction where guests stand on podiums and wait for...

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Gladiator Joust

One of our most exciting and popular rental items, the inflatable gladiator joust is a...

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Hippo Chow Down
Hippo Chow Down

Get ready....get set... time to chow down you hungry hippos!  This is the latest 4-player...

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Lava Pit Arena
Gladiator Challenge

Guests at your event will love turning into gladiators in our inflatable lava pit amusement!...

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Mechanical Bull Ride

Celebration Authority’s Mechanical Bull Ride is a thrilling addition for your next event. Bull Rides...

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Mechanical Surfboard

You can almost smell the beach and feel the sand after riding our Mechanical Surfboard...

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Pillow Bash

The pillow bash provides lots of fun and laughter. It uses our 28'x16' air cushioned...

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Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Inflatable Joust

A Perfect combination of balance and battle!! Your gladiators will make their grand entry, move...

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Round Gladiator Joust

Our Round Gladiator Joust puts a new and exciting spin on the traditional gladiator joust...

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2018-04-21 194923

This is a multi-player circular action game, that challenges participants’ jumping ability and reactions. Foam...

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More Inflatables

These unique balance challenges create great camaraderie as they are both fun to participate on, and fun to watch.  Book the challenge that’s just right to fit your event theme.

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We proudly serve Chicago, IL & Milwaukee, WI as well as their surrounding areas.

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