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Vegas Style Oxygen Bar

Looking for a breath of fresh air? The oxygen bar offers non-medical oxygen mixed with various scents including aromatherapy. The air we normally breathe contains about 21% oxygen the rest is Nitrogen, Argon and other trace gasses. The oxygen in oxygen bars is between 90% and 92% oxygen allowing the customer to breathe 4 to 5 times the normal amount of oxygen!! Oxygen bars give participants an uplifted refreshed feeling as well as increased energy, detoxification and a general overall good feeling. Scents are water-based, oxygen safe aromas. We bring along a 16 scent bar for guests to six down relax and enjoy!

Dimensions: 2ftx8ftx4ft

Age Group: 12+

Reqiurements: a 10' by 10' space and 1 20 amp circuit

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