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Giant Games

Games are fun.  Giant games are super fun! Your guests eyes will widen and excitement will grow as they enter your event and see some of their favorite classic games blown up and enlarged up to 10 times their normal size!

Entanglement: Giant inflatable Twister Game

Celebration Authority loves to add a twist to typical entertainment rentals, like our giant twister...

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Giant Billiards

A billiards game that has never been so fun!  Players stand inside this giant inflatable...

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Giant Checkers

Love playing the checkers board game? Well, now you can play one GIANT game of...

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Giant Four in a Row

Do you remember playing Connect Four? It was kind of like what would happen if...

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Giant Inflatable Chair

This giant inflatable chair is a great prop for a fabulous photo station.  Have your...

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Giant Jenga

A great game for groups or stations! Build the tower, then take turns removing a...

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Giant Ker Plunk

How many giant sticks can you take out before any of the large balls fall?...

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Giant Light Bright

This giant light up board is fun for all ages!  Take the oversized colored pegs...

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Giant Operation

Based on the old favorite, but now biggie-sized. Carry out the Giant Operation on our...

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Giant Pong

Giant "Cups" will be set up in a triangle format, two sets across from each...

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Giant Tail Gate Chair

Our Giant Tail Gate Chair makes a great photo prop.  Have your guests climb up...

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Giant Twister

Can you imagine a 15’x15’ twister game? Our Twister is an incredible 15’ across so...

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