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Call Today! 847-566-3006

Clowning Around & Celebration Authority

Chicago's Special Event Artists

Celebration Authority works with some of the best event entertainers in the Chicago land area.  Our specialty artists are no different.  Everything from name doodlers to caricaturists, face painters and temporary tattoo artists, we offer all types of phenomenal event artists for your special day!

Air Brush Face Painters

Air Brush Tattoos — A Fun and washable Experience! Airbrush Face Painters will provide several washable paint...

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Professional Caricaturists

Our Professional Caricaturists sketch delightful, individual pictures that will provide a very personal keepsake from your...

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Glitter Tattoo Technician

Celebration Authority loves to add a twist to typical entertainment rentals, and that includes our...

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Hair Decorator

This is a unique addition to any event.  Our Hair Decorator will braid, twist, spray...

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Henna Tattoo Artists

Our artists can apply 12-15 henna tattoos hourly. These are beautiful designs done in the...

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Name Doodlers

Renting a Name Doodler for special events is a great way to provide lasting memories...

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We proudly serve Chicago, IL and Milwaukee, WI as well as their surrounding areas.

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