Call Today! 847-566-3006

Call Today! 847-566-3006

Clowning Around & Celebration Authority

College Events

We have what it takes to build sizzling interest and high-power excitement by putting electrifying fun into your events! With the allure of weekend parties, your programs are always facing tough competition. Let us spark new interest and ignite enthusiasm among the students on your campus!

Pack a wallop and maximize the fun with non-stop action, high-voltage energy and constant thrills to produce blazing events that grab the attention of every student!

From knock-out, dazzling equipment to fantastic “make it yourself” projects, we have the unlimited fire and boundless pizzazz necessary to produce unparalleled events on your campus! Call today to learn more.

Areas We Serve

We proudly serve Chicago, IL and Milwaukee, WI as well as their surrounding areas.

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Call Us Today! 847-566-3006

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