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Clowning Around & Celebration Authority

Constructive Activities

We’ll provide all the supplies, separate your participants into construction crews and give each crew the same construction assignment. No hammers, no nails, no saws- just carefully chosen “building” supplies packed and ready for each crew, typically items you’d find in a home or office. Every crew will be encouraged to expand their thinking, use their inventiveness and call on their imagination when looking through their supplies, reading the assignment, creating a plan of action and constructing the type of object discussed in the assignment. Powered by a spirit of fun, our moderator will draw out the laughter, enhance the enjoyment and encourage the excitement among your participants.

Imagine the fun, energy, camaraderie and creativeness generated by an awesome constructive activity for your office staff, warehouse workers or sales reps! Think about the ways this powerful energizer can work for you when combined with a meeting, new product introduction, acknowledgement of achievement or as a stand alone special event. Envision everyone working together, stretching their thought process and contributing clever ideas.

Allow us to bring your group a unique experience of beneficial and entertaining constructive activities. We’ve designed specific “construction” projects that are sure winners for your participants. Constructive Activities will boost morale and uplift spirits while encouraging cooperativeness, kindness and understanding within your workplace. Select constructive activities that benefit both the employees and the employer — call today for complete information.

Areas We Serve

We proudly serve Chicago, IL and Milwaukee, WI as well as their surrounding areas.

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